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Relief mission 2013 2Dharamshala: The Tibetan communities in Dehradun, as a gesture of kindness and humanity towards the people who've suffered lossed at the hands of the Uttarakhand natural disaster have not only offered a huge donation but also contriburted significantly to the relief mission.

The annual monsoons hit Uttarakhand two weeks ahead of schedule and with unusual ferocity. Flash floods and landslides flattened the boomtown surrounding the centuries old Kedarnath Shrine and washed away or buried buildings in numerous towns and villages.

The Tibetan settlement office in Dehradun said in a statement "His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration has maintained that we should always remain grateful to the people and government of India. Following this guidance, the representatives of Tibetan communities and monasteries in Uttarakhand held a meeting on 21 June to express solidarity with and join hands in the relief efforts for the flood victims."

Relief mission 2013On June 24 a prayer service was held for the victims of the devastating flash flood in Uttarakhand in Dharamshala. The Tibetan community collected a sum of Rs 494,931 as requested by the chief minister for the relief work. On 2 July, a delegation led by Tibetan settlement officer met the Chief Minister and handed over a draft of Rs 3 lakhs. The settlement officer also expressed the Central Tibetan Administration and the exile community's support as they stand in solidarity with the victims.

The Tibetan community aims at visiting the affected areas to provide help with the relief process and the donation of Rs 185,376 would be used in this mission.

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