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Tibet-NGOs-2013Dharamshala -Tibetans and supporters Wednesday, September 34 held a demonstration against Nepal's secret cremation of Karma Ngedon Gyatso (38), a monk, who self-immolated at the Boudha stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal on 6th August 2013.

The event was jointly organised by Tibetan NGOs - the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Dharamshala, Students for a Free Tibet, India and Regional Tibetan Women's Association.

A joint statement released by the NGOs said "the Nepalese government rejected repeated pleas made by the Tibetan community in Kathamndu requesting the release of his body for the proper Buddhist cremation rituals."

"The self-immolation is the second in Nepal this year. Earlier Drupchen Tsering, a monk, set himself on fire on February 13 and was secretly cremated without any Buddhist rituals by the Nepalese government turning a deaf ear to all the appeals," the NGO's press statement added.

"Earlier in the morning, a prayer and butter lamp offer session was held at the His Holiness' temple to mark the 49th day of Karma Ngedon Gyatso's demise which is an important part of the Buddhist ritual. The demonstration took place in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala joined by Tibetans and supporters," it said.

"This is the second time that the Nepalese government has committed such a heinous and cowardly act. Denying Karma Ngedon Gyatso's final Buddhist cremation rites is utterly saddening and outrageous," said Jigdal, Program Director of Students for a Free Tibet, India. "Nepal still has an opportunity to show the world that it respects human rights and religious freedom thereby upholding its moral and principal values. The Nepalese government should stop kowtowing to China."

"Nepal cannot forget the civilizational relations with Tibet coming under the Chinese government's political pressure today. Our gratitude for asylum cannot condone Nepal's ongoing repression of Tibetan refugees living there" said Tenzin Tsundue of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress.

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