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Tibet-guchusum-2013Dharamshala: - Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet, an association of former political prisoners organised a 'Signature Appeal Campaign' from 3rd November, 2013 and a response proposal to the white paper issued by China recently.

"Our objective behind this campaign is to defy the Chinese government's move to regain the seat in United Nation's eighth Human Rights Council on the 12th November, 2013," the group said during press conference held in Dharamshala on October 6.

Mr Passang Tsering, president of Gu-Chu-Sum said, “During the tenure of their membership in the Human Rights Council, the human rights condition in China has deteriorated dramatically. The Communist authoritarian rule in China has repressed, tortured and intimidated the freedom and rights of its people and the Tibetans, Uyghur and the Mongolians."

"This campaign is to demonstrate and highlight the unvarying deprivation of basic human rights and freedom that the minority ethnic groups like Tibetans and Uyghur occupied under the Chinese brutal regime and its hardline policies are undergoing," the group said.

"The White Paper submitted by the Chinese Authority on the 26th October, 2013 on the international platform asserting the economic development explains their attempt in concealing the tyrannical and discriminatory policies executed on the minority ethnic groups," it stated.

"During the sixty years of occupation, the rights and the freedom of the people and the country was on a state of complete defiance which sparked the shocking numbers of non-violent protest of self-immolation and other diverse peaceful campaigns in and outside Tibet," the group added.

The group ot Tibetan former political prisoners declares its response through a 'Signature Appeal Campaign' objecting the re-election of Chinese government in the Human Rights Council beginning from 3rd November morning till 6th November 2013 afternoon at the main square of McLeod Ganj.

That is followed by a press conference on response proposal to the White Paper released by the Chinese government at the exhibition hall of Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet at 3pm on Tuesday, 6th November, 2013.

Established in 1991, the Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet is is a former political prisoners association and aim to provide food, shelter, financial help, medical attention, education, job and psychological support to former prisoners of conscience.

According to the organisation, 'many ex-political prisoners arrive in India with nowhere to stay, no job and very little education. Some have long-standing health problems as a result of severe abuse while in custody. Currently, GuChuSum has more than 500 members.'

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