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Tibet-Sikyong-AP-2014Guwahati: - Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay successfully concluded his successful tour of Arunachal Pradesh, visiting Tibetan settlements in Miao and Tezu on 30 and 31 January. The Tibetan Prime Minister addressed the general public and conversed with students and teachers at both settlements' Central School for Tibetans (CST) about how to improve educational standards.

In his public address, Dr Sangay reiterated that education is the top priority of the 14th Kashag. He said the Central Tibetan Administration has reformed the scholarship programme to facilitate students to pursue further studies after completing their school education. He said the first-ever 95.4% marks scored by Tenzin Choekyi of Tibetan Homes Foundation Mussoorie last year reflects the positive trend in academic resulting from scholarship reforms.

The Sikyong noted education is key to empowering Tibetans to face the challenges surrounding the issue of Tibet. He said the majority of Tibetans living inside Tibet pin their hopes on their brethren in exile and the latter can fulfill their hopes and aspirations through learning. He said the younger generation of Tibetans is taking responsibility to lead the Tibetan movement and entreated them to continue to do so.

He paid visits to the Central Tibetan Schools at both the settlements. Addressing the students, the Sikyong said today's children have better educational opportunities and privileges than in years past. He assured them the Central Tibetan Administration would provide all the facilities and urged the teachers and staff to pay more attention on imparting sound education to the children. Quoting former Human Resource Development Minister Kabil Sibal, he said: "Good teachers are costly. But bad teachers cost more to the community and nation."

Sikyong also took time to meet separately with the teachers, most of whom are Indians. He profusely thanked the teachers and staff for their dedication, sacrifice, and commitment in educating the Tibetans throughout over fifty years of exile. He said the Tibetans would remain eternally grateful to the Indian teachers, as they have produced thousands of educated Tibetans, who have helped to sustain and strengthen the Tibetan movement. The teachers asked the Sikyong about transferring CST schools to the Central Tibetan Administration. Dr Sangay said the process is underway and will be completed within three years, or as soon as the CTA thinks it can operate the schools.

During his public talk, Sikyong Sangay said he has visited more than 94 percent of the Tibetan settlements since Tibetans elected him to lead the CTA two and a half years ago. He observed that the Tibetan youths are shouldering the responsibility to continue the efforts made by the elder Tibetans to keep alive the cultural identity and movement. He also stated Tibetans are proud to have invaluable culture and religion and he called for need to redouble our efforts to preserve it.

The Prime Minister visited elderly Tibetans living in old-age homes in the two settlements. He inaugurated a renovated Tibetan Primary Health Care Centre, Handicraft Centre, and a computer centre at Miao settlement.

Dr Sangay concluded his travels by meeting 35 small-business Tibetan families in Dibrugarh, whom he advised to follow the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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