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Tibet-India-Independent-day-2014Dharamshala: - Tibetans, Indians and Tibet supporters were gathered at McLeod Ganj main square and celebrate India's 68th Independent Day.

Performing the national anthems, distributing Indian sweets, and waving Indian and Tibetan national flags, all supporters stood together to celebrate India's Independent Day. The event was organised by three Tibetan associations namely Regional Tibetan Women's Association, Students for a Free Tibet-India, and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress.

"Tibetans wish India a Happy Independent Day." The slogan says. Then Tenzin Dolma, President of Regional Tibetan Women's Association-Dhramashala said, "Tibetans take great inspiration from India's freedom struggle, especially Gandhi's nonviolent principles of resistance, gives us hope that Tibet will also enjoy freedom soon."

Jyotsna George, Campaigns Director of Student for a Free Tibet-India said, "My ancestors struggled hard everyday for many years to win independence for my country, where I enjoy freedom today. As a Indian, I find my responsibility to take their spirit of resistance forward by standing in solidarity with the Tibetan freedom movement, also grounded in nonviolence resistance."

The event was also joined by a group of Taiwanese students from the Taipei based SFT-Taiwan. The group is currently on a visit to the Tibetan community in Dharamshala to explore Tibetan culture and the political movement.

"I am really touched with Tibetans and Indians for their freedom struggle. Paricularly they absolutely remain united to fight for the principles of nonviolence, even it is a way to get through difficulties. But, in Taiwan, there is a struggle between political parties and states' issues. I think freedom is something very important that we shouldn't lose at any cost," said Penny Saf Chiang, a member of the SFT-Taiwan.

"I feel very special today to see the Indians and Tibetans joined together in celebrating the Independence day of India. Its really touching, because these two nations have maintained a decade long good relationship," said Gin Chen, another member of the SFT-Taiwan.

According to the organisers, for India's Independent Day, there are a lot of Tibetans who study the India's history and move on toward their Tibet movement for freedom, and spread their messages to other places in India, and across the world.

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