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ScienceForMonksExploratoriumForMonks 1Dharamsala:- A group of Buddhist monks, students and scientists have gathered at Tibetans Children’s Village, Dharamsala, to discuss ‘Cosmology and Consciousness'.

As a part of Science for Monks, initiated by Library of Tibetan Works and Archives(LTWA), monks, students and Buddhist scholars from different monastries in India will participate in discussions with respected Indian and international scientists.

The conference is held at the TCV auditorium from November 3- 5. It inlcudes participation from Buddhist scholars and scientists from India and abroad.

In a press release circulated by the organisers, Dr Bryce E Johnson, Project Director for Science for Monks said: “Our intensive 3 to 4-week workshops, 19 of them so far, have engaged the monastics in scientificinquires into the nature of matter and mental phenomena.

“These exchanges encourage a humble approach that brings into focus big questions about the nature of reality, and grows the cross-fertilization of ideas between Buddhismand modern science.”

This initiative began in 1999 through the instruction of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the former director of LTWA, Achok Rinpoche. It aims to develop leadership among Tibetan monastic intitutions and to encourage scientific learning as a part of curriculam in Buddhist academic studies.




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