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Dalai-Lama-2014-11-05-NewYork-N03Dharamshala:- The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, arrived back at his residence in Dharamsala on November 7, after touring Canada and United states.

During his last engagement in New York, USA, he met with the Tibetan community at Javitas Convention on November 5.

Speaking at the gathering of around 5000 Tibetans, he said: “today, when I have this opportunity to meet all of you, I wondered for a moment if I was back in Tibet, or in one of the large settlements in South India.

“You’re all working hard to retain your Tibetan identity and spirit and I thank you.

“Prostrating, chanting mantras and circumambulation are good, but they are not the main practice. You need to know how to transform the mind.”

“The 6 million Tibetans in Tibet are our real masters. They have been going through difficult times, not least because of the hard-line policies pursued by Chinese officials in Tibet. And yet Tibetans have not lost their spirit and character,” he added.

Later in the afternoon, he met with a group of Chinese students studying in New York and surrounding areas.

During the meeting he highlighted the long standing relations between the Chinese and Tibetan people.

“One of the problems between us is ignorance. For too long, too many have thought of Tibetans as backward and barbaric. But now they have the opportunity, more Chinese are finding things to admire in Tibet. Spiritually, China and Tibet are very close. Today, there are said to be 300-400 million Chinese who call themselves Buddhists, many of whom have some interest in Tibetan Buddhism,” the Nobel Laureate said and he also took questions from the Chinese students.

According to the schedule published on his official website, His Holiness will give teachings on Nagarjuna's Precious Garland of the Middle Way (uma rinchen trengwa) at the request of a group of Koreans at the Main Tibetan Temple on November 11 to 13.


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