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Chinese-democracy-supporters-dharamsala- november-2014Dharamshala:- A delegation of eight Chinese met with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and visited Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan Children’s Village and other organizations around Dharamsala from November 16 -19.

“we would really like to know how Tibetans live in Dharamsala. How democracy works in exile,” Huang Meixin, deputy executive president of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy told Tibet Post International in Dharamsala.

“I think the Tibetans living here in Dharamsala and exile is well organised. Tibetans are taking very good care of children in the school, the students are very well dressed and it seems that they are very happy,” she added.

Huang Meixin is one of the eight members of the group from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Australia. The group is led by China's pro-democracy activist, Chin Jin, who is now based in Australia.

Chin Jin, former head of the Federation for a Democratic China in Australia, in an interview with TPI, he said: “I had already made it very clear that without fundamental change in current China’s political regime, there is no hope for Tibetans.

“Democracy in China is the key to solve all the problems – Tibetan problem and human rights issues in China.”

Chin Jin is a Chinese dissident and is the former head of Australian Federation for a Democratic China, which is a political organisation set up by exiled Chinese dissidents in the wake of the Tiananmen square massacre. He helped organise a meeting of the members of Chinese diaspora in Australia with His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his visit to Australia in 2009.

He will be speaking at an invitation from a long-standing Tibetan supporter, Vijay Kranti at a conference organised by Gandhi Peace foundation and Center for Himalayan Asia Studies and Engagement  on November 22.