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Tibet-TNC-New-YorK-2014New York, December 27, 2014: - Tibetans and Supporters Saturday gathered at the United Nations Headquarter in New York, calling on "China to Stop Killing Tibetans in Tibet."

"Until now, 142 Tibetans have self-immolated to oppose Chinese repressive rule in Tibet. Last week Sangye Khar, Tsepe Kyid and Kalsang Yeshe burned themselves to death between Dec 16 -23, 2014," the Tibetan National Congress (TNC) said in a press release.

As 37 year old monk Kalsang Yeshe burned himself in Tawu on Dec 23, 2014, a group of monks trying to protect his body were mercilessly shot by the Chinese police.
Thousands of locals then gathered at the police station demanding the body returned to the family; the police send ashes the next day. Tibetans in Tawu there are now risking arrests and bullets participating in civil disobedience, blocking the roads and continuously performing prayers, which is strictly forbidden by the Chinese.

A 21 year old monk Lobsang Trinley on Saturday peacefully paraded a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama calling for his return and for freedom in Tibet, in front of a Chinese police station in Ngaba. He was severely beaten and immediately arrested.

"It inspired numerous Tibetans around the area to protest in solidarity. Ngaba is under lock-down as numerous protest continue and several Tibetans are being arrested," the TNC said.

"In spite of China's escalating repressive measures Tibetan resistance inside Tibet is stronger and more diverse than ever. The Chinese government is discovering that a display of force is unable to prevent self-immolations, mass gatherings or other diverse forms of resistance, including displaying posters and banners, recording video messages, communicating through music, literature and expressions of national identity," TNC added.

The protest organiser TNC, an independent Tibetan political group said it "appeals for a coordinated action by world governments and the United Nations to help bring about an end to the current crisis in Tibet and to urge the Chinese government to end its repressive policies in Tibet."