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Tibet-prof-Samdhong-2015Dharamshala: - Prof Samdhong Rinpoche, a former Kalon Tripa said 'truth and Non-Violence are like the two sides of a coin — therefore, if there is a defect in one, the other too will be defective.'

During an interaction with upper TCV teachers and staff, Prof Samdhong Rinpoche, former Kalon Tripa of the Central Tibetan Administration talks about ethical motive, inner mutual honesty, Non-Violence and more, according to a Tibetan official media report.

The gist of Rinpoche's guidance talk to the staff focused on ethical motive, the need for responsible altruism, relation between teachers and students, the merits and need for inner mutual honesty – and to do one's duties well, by remembering the kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

At the start, Rinpoche emphasised the need to make a habit of regarding the preciousness of time, and then outlined the need for a discerning wisdom knowing to adopt the positive and discard the faults –what to adopt and what to discard–by oneself, without having to follow other's hearsay.

In continuation, Rinpoche pointed out how in the modern civilization people consider the rights greater than duties; by understanding thoroughly through succession of experiences the civilization, Mahatma Gandhi wrote the book "Hind Swaraj", to point out the shortcomings of the modern civilization.

As resource means to maintain and develop an ethical conduct in today's hectic society, Rinpoche recommended [the attendees] to study His Holiness the Dalai Lama's books "Ethics for The New Millennium" and "Beyond Religion: Ethics for The Whole World".

" For those who work in education field, not only they need to be more meticulous and more in-depth than others, they also need to be able to go about [with their knowledge] by knowing the things by oneself, not by assumption," Rinpoche advised.

Rinpoche also spoke of how the British Raj had created, in the Indian education system, factors for Indians not to have independent mental intelligence during their rule in India.

In continuation, Rinpoche advised: If ethical conduct declines there would not be security and stability in society; the demarcation of what constitutes as ethical and unethical (good and bad conducts) is Non-Violence (Non-Harm); truth and Non-Violence are like the two sides of a coin — therefore, if there is a defect in one, the other too will be defective; because violence and non-violence are categorized so because of the difference in motive, it is therefore necessary to have good benevolent motive.

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