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Tibet-CTA-Nepal-2015Dharamshala -- The Central Tibetan Administration's Education Minister, Ngodup Tsering, and Economic secretary Dhondup Dorjee, recently traveled to Nepal to represent the Central Tibetan Authority in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal, and to assist those Tibetans in exile who were affected.

From May 18th until May 21st, Minister Ngodup Tsering assessed the state of the Tibetan settlement camps in the Kathmandu region, including the schools, monasteries, offices, and elderly homes and compensated those affected with adequate monetary support.

After the earthquake, many monks took the lead in the relief efforts, helping those most affected and setting up camps outside the monastery. The Tibetan officials made a special effort to thank those monks and monasteries who led the relief and continue to be assisting the community.

Additionally, the minister met with the people and governor of Jawalakhel, an area that was particularly devastated within Kathmandu, where many Tibetans reside.

Before returning to Dharamshala, the minister worked with the local Tibetans emergency response organization and advised them in terms of how to continue the most effective help for local Tibetans.

Secretary Ngodup Dorjee stayed in the Tibetan settlement of Raku from May 13th until May 19th. He gathered local leaders of the Tibetan freedom movement to discuss his visit to the area. He also visited several other places, including Resuwa, Syabru, and Timbu. Besides a few houses spared in Timbu, most homes were destroyed in the area.

After the earthquake, The Dalai Lama Trust donated 5 lakh Nepali rupees, and the Central Tibetan Authority donated 21 lakh. Initially, the CTA funded the Tibetan settlement regions affected by the earthquake with 16 lakh Nepali rupees, and later sent 40 more lakh for the rebuilding efforts. The money was transferred through the emergency response team, who distributed the funds appropriately throughout the communities.

The CTA has collaborated with Tibetan bureau offices internationally to collect funds from Tibetans in exile for the relief effort in Nepal. Additionally it has launched an education effort to prepare for future earthquakes and other emergencies.

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