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Tibet-Gyudmed-Hunsur-2015Hunsur, Karnataka — Tibetans living in exile in Hunsur Rabgyeling Tibetan Settlement, Karnataka, led by Gyudmed Tantric College have offered long life prayers for the spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The Monastery Chant Master led the Long Life Prayer Offering. The Abbot recited the eulogy and requests. Expressing the Tibetan people's gratitude for His Holiness's leadership and pledging to listen to his advice as a child heeds his or her mother, he requested him to live forever.

A long line of local people processed through the temple bearing offerings. His Holiness responded, saying, "Today Gyumey Tantric College has made this Long Life Offering to me with great devotion. All of you here and people in Tibet have expressed unwavering faith. On my part I've been fortunate to have been able to give the Guhyasamaja Empowerment and teach the Eight Essential Texts. The Abbot, who is a good monk I've known for years, recited the eulogy and requests well.

"I want you to know that when I came across the pledges of Tseley Ngatso Rangdol not to ride a horse from place to place, to eat only vegetarian food and not to accept any payment for teaching, I decided I too would take nothing for teaching. The offerings made today will be returned tomorrow. What is more important than such offerings is to please the Vajra Master through practising what he has taught.

"Doing lots of rituals, but not actually practising yourself will not be very effective. When Milarepa's sister complained to him that other teachers were wealthy but he had nothing to give to her, he answered that he had already abandoned the eight worldly concerns. Sometimes it happens that people who start out as simple monks become quite inflated when they gather students, particularly in the West. Be vigilant to defend against the eight worldly concerns.

"The Abbot told me he needs a shorter Self-Generation rite for Guhyasamaja. You can reduce it by about half if you don't go through the generation of the inestimable mansion. Anyway I told him I'd look into it. The important thing is bringing the three bodies into the path; this is the crux of the generation stage, not the recitation of mantras. Once you have expertise in bringing the three bodies into the path, you can engage in completion stage practices.

"When you're in retreat remember the importance of the common paths, of doing guru yoga and contemplating the Three Principal Aspects of the Path. It'd be difficult to gain realization in a single day, but over weeks and months there will be a change in your mind.

"We have released this set of books by the Dalai Lamas today. Although these days the songs of the 6th Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso are popular, the writings of the Second and Third are wonderful. And then there's the Fifth...

"I'd like to thank you all, particularly the Chant Master, who has done very well producing the voice of Vajrabhairava and performing the mudras clearly. And now some local people are going to debate."

A group of local lay people, young and old, men and women, although predominantly women, then staged a debate about taking refuge. As events drew to a close, the team of interpreters who had rendered the teachings into an array of foreign languages came up to the throne.

His Holiness also visited the Miyo Gomdrup Ling, the new Gyumey retreat centre. He cut the ribbon at the front door to formally open the building, which like the retreat centre in Tibet can accommodate 32 meditators.

His Holiness left Hunsur for Bylakuppe and on the outskirts stopped to visit the Karuna Home, Phendey Gatsal, set up by Khube Rinpoche to look after disabled children. At present about 28 children with a range of disabilities are cared for by a staff of about 30 in a fine set of buildings.

His Holiness remarked that we often stress the urgency to provide children with education, but children with special needs like these also have to be considered. He was pleased to see how well the project has turned out and expressed his appreciation to the Italian sponsors and Singaporean designers.

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