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Tibet-Women-Football-India-2016Dharamshala — The Tibet Women's Football & Welfare Society (TWF), a NGO based in Clementown, Dehradun (UK), says it is proud to announce that two of its senior players have become the first Tibetan women to earn their All India Football Federation (AIFF) 'D' Coaching License.

After the Tibet Women's Football select team competed in the Goa Women's Football Tournament this past May, bringing home the runners-up trophy, Goa Football Club extended the invitation for two players to attend the training course, which they organized in Duler Stadium, Mapusa.

Lhamo Kyi (19) and Jamyang Choetso (18), both hailing from Dharamshala, courageously stepped forward to become the first women of their nation to become formally qualified football coaches. "The young women were accompanied by TWF Director of Football Gompo Dorjee (Clementown), who also successfully completed the course," TWF told the TPI, on June 18.

"It's a special feeling to have completed this course. In the beginning it was so difficult, I even felt like I wanted to give up. But with the encouragement of others, I kept going, and now I have gained so much confidence," said Lhamo Kyi, who was born in Tibet, having escaped into exile at the age of six.

"In the past most parents didn't view sports as important for girls, and have placed a lot of restrictions on them just because of their sex. Now the times are changing, and Tibetan girls can have a future in sports. I encourage parents to give their daughters every opportunity to play," said Jamyang Choetso, better known by her nickname 'Wangla,' escaped Tibet at the age of eight.

"It is a privilege to witness Tibetan women achieving so much in the field of sports. In our community they have not been allowed to play for so long, so I am proud of these players for doing what so many thought was impossible," Gompo Dorjee, TWF Director of Football said, while speaking of the young women's accomplishment,

"TWF plans to continue to sponsor coaching courses and offer formal scholarships to young Tibetan women entering sports careers, ensuring the future of female-led sports in Tibetan society," TWF said, adding that "four veteran players will be undergoing entrance exams in late June, to major universities to earn their Bachelors in Physical Education."

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