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TYC-Tibet-Goa-India-Xi-2016Goa, India — Protesting the arrival of Chinese Communist leader, Xi Jinping, in India for the BRICS conference, over one hundred Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) activists gathered at Margao Circle in Goa shouting slogans of 'Free Tibet,' and 'Stop the demolition of Larung Gar.'

President of TYC, Tenzing Jigme announced, "Today we are here to demand Xi Jinping to end the illegal occupation of Tibet and we also want to highlight the current demolition of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy where thousands of Tibetan monks and nuns are being displaced against their will. The world needs to hear this."

Choeje Yishin Norbu Khenpo Jigme Phuntshok founded the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, which is probably the world's largest Buddhist monastic community. The academy, as framed by the late Khenpo, has been serving as the wellspring of knowledge. It is also the home for many Buddhist practitioners and the source of happiness for people across the globe. However, the Chinese government has issued an order to reduce the population of the institute to 5,000 residents when there are well over 10,000 monks and nuns alone. The government also announced the planned demolition of living quarters, which would leave residential space for only five thousand members. News and photos of the demolition work have been circulating widely on social media sites.

Over a 140 Tibetans have self-immolated inside Tibet since 2009 protesting China's illegal occupation and their hardline policies. Protests are taking place randomly across the plateau, demanding the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, freedom for Tibet and Independence for Tibet. It is clear that the Tibetans in Tibet are not satisfied with the rule of the current communist government. Tibet today faces a life-and-death situation. Tibet continues to burn.

"As Tibetans living in exile we have a duty and responsibility to stand up for our brothers and sisters inside Tibet. The oppressed will always protest the oppressor until justice is served – we will not remain silent", said TYC President Tenzing Jigme.

All the protestors have been detained by Goa Police. Tibetan Youth Congress organizers of this protest are the largest Tibetan NGO based in Dharamshala, working for the freedom and independence of the Tibetan people.

TYC has expressed serious concern on the current critical situation in Tibet and demands that Chinese President Xi Jinping who is currently in Goa attending the Brics summit to end the illegal occupation of Tibet. Over 1.2 million Tibetans have died as a result of this invasion since 1949.

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