Tibet: News Exile HLT’s fifth Tibetan language book to launch in 2018

HLT’s fifth Tibetan language book to launch in 2018

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HLT-TPI-Books-2014-2018Dharamshala — HLT is publishing a new Tibetan language book titled "The Future of Tibetan Language" in 2018 which will focus on Tibetan language. This book will consist of interviews with over 40 Tibetan writers both inside and outside Tibet. It will focus on the Tibetan language and its importance in today's world.

With an increasing number of Tibetans being born in exile, outside of Tibet, the Tibetan language and its use has decreased, according to editor of the book.

Tenzin Chodak, the editor of the book, says, "Language is the seed of any culture," while speaking about how culture and language are related. "We first must know the Tibetan language, that is very basic. Then we can know Tibetan culture," he said
"People who don't know the Tibetan language can never know Tibetan culture," he further added, emphasizing on the importance of learning the language.

This book aims to increase the awareness and bring to the fore the differences in opinions that are present about the Tibetan language. "I wanted to interview writers both outside Tibet and inside Tibet. They have many different views on why the language is important. For me this is beneficial as many ideas come together and then I can compile it better," Chodak said.

The interviewees are mostly Tibetan writers hailing from different backgrounds. Chodak feels that the opinions of women writers are far more valuable than those of men.
"Women offer different opinions which is important. They're more important, more than us men," he laughed.

The book will aim toward trying to give people an overview of how important the Tibetan language is from the perspective of people inside Tibet as well as outside Tibet.

Another book by TPI Tibetan editor Chonyi Sangpo, titled "Women Who Run With the Pen" is yet to be finalised, will be published in 2018 before the "The Future of Tibetan Language".

Himalayan Literacy Trust's (HLT) other publications include:
"Voice of An Exiled Tibetan" by Yeshe Choesang (English: 2014)
"Roar within Rhythm" a compilation of Tibetan poetry by Chonyi Sangpo (Tibetan: 2015)
"The real Subject in Focus" a book on the Tibetan democracy in-exile and human rights in Tibet by Dawa Phurbu (Tibetan: 2016)

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