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8february20105Dharamshala: The Donme (Lamp) Editorial Committee has introduced a monthly newspaper Ka-Lon-Tri-Pa (Chairman of the Kashag), and also held a panel discussion on Sunday at the TCV day school in Mcleod Ganj on the 2011 election of the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

The Editor of Donme Editorial Committee gave an overview of the aims of the recently launched newspaper and the related panel discussion, "this is a voluntary and public activity launched by a group of Tibetan youths from the exile community. Our aim is to highlight the importance of the democratic elections of the Tibetan Prime Minister and Parliamentary Members."

At the panel discussion, speaker Dolma Tsering, a Tibetan parliamentary member, spoke of the importance of the upcoming elections. Godruk Kalsang Puntsok, former president of the Tibetan Youth Congress, outlined which special characteristics prospective candidates should possess. Serta Tsultrim, editor of the Tibet Express, discussed the ways in which the media can disseminate information of the elections effectively to the public. Lungrig Gyal, editor of the Tibet Times, addressed the audience on the responsibility of the media to cover the prime ministerial election fairly and impartially.

The newly launched newspaper covers the latest news, tracks and expresses public opinion, holds debates and includes interviews with figures of importance in relation to the upcoming elections. It also offers sections on general knowledge and profiles candidates for the prime ministership.

You can also view most candidates' profiles for the upcoming election at kalontrpa.org

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