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02march20105Dharamshala: The Tibetan Parliament-in-exile has condemned the harsh court sentences given to three young Tibetans in Thankgki township, Eastern Tibet.

Pema Yeshi (28), a farmer, was given a two-year suspended death sentence, whilst Sonam Gonpo (24) and Tsewang Gyatso (32), who were cooks at Thankyi Primary School, were sentenced to life imprisonment and 16 years respectively.

All three were charged with "inciting separatism" and "disturbing social order", having taken an active part in the Farming Boycott Movement and the boycott of the Tibetan new year Losar celebrations.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Tibetan Parliament said, "In the aftermath of the Tibetan people's uprising against the Chinese government in 2008, people who took active part in the same are being gradually punished with the severest of sentences without the due process of law in Tibet.

"We strongly condemn this regression of the basic human rights and call upon all right-thinking individuals and groups to raise their moral voice against this severe punishment."

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