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04march20105Dharamshala: The ex-political prisoners organization, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet this morning launched a three-day book exhibition in the library of Namgyal College, at the main Tibetan temple in Dharamshala, India, where exiled Tibetan government based for last 50 years.

The exhibition commemorates 50 years of peaceful struggle to save Tibet from Chinese oppression, and features 200 books about the achievements of those who have fought and in some instances lost their lives for the Tibetan cause.

Gu Chu Sum's president, Ven Ngawang Woeber, told The Tibet Post International, "The exhibition marks the end the first 50 years of Tibet's occupation and of Tibetans living in exile.

"The books were written by ex-political prisoners who fled to India, and other Tibetans in exile, describing the real situation in Tibet, in opposition to misleading Chinese propaganda."

Ven Ngawang added that it is very important for Tibetans in exile to read and understand these stories, as historical evidence of China's tyranny.

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