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Dharamshala: The ninth session of the 14th Tibetan Parliament in Exile is set to begin this Monday with the commencement of the budget session in Dharamshala, India's Northern Hill station, where exiled Tibetan government based for last 50 years.

Along with aiming to set the budget for the coming fiscal year, the talks will address the overspill from last year's meeting, which ended under acrimonious circumstances, short of its concluding session.

The biennial conference was postponed last year following a walkout of MPs over allegations of unfair claiming of travel expenses, which left Speaker for the Tibetan Government Penpa Tsering with no choice but to shut down proceedings.

"As usual this March session is mainly devoted to annual budget of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile that includes administration of all the government offices, including the regional ones. Out of the 11-day session, at least 3-4 days will be devoted to the budget matters," Penpa Tsering told phayul.com.

Other issues, such as increasing the number MPs on the representative council, and planning celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Parliament, will also be discussed.

The session will be convened between the 8th and 20th of March.

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