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11march20104Pune - Students from 16 different countries in Pune met today to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising day at Symbiosis Auditorium.

March 10 holds a special significance in the hearts of all Tibetans as on this day, 51 years ago, Tibet experienced one of the bloodiest massacre in the history of our struggle. Thousands of innocents and nonviolent protesters were killed by the People's Liberation Army(PLA) in Lhasa. The day also signifies Tibetan people's resistance against Chinese occupation of Tibet when thousands of Tibetans gathered infront of the Potala palace to guard the Dalai Lama and defy the foreign occupation.

"It is our responsibility as Tibetans growing in the free world to share the plight of our brothers and sisters in Tibet to the global community." said Tenzin Tselha, Coordinator of Students for a free Tibet - Pune chapter. "Organizing this meeting of international students enable us to educate our peers from different parts of the world to understand Tibetan struggle better."

In today's event, "Knowing Others", Tibetan students did a special presentation on the Tibetan freedom struggle and Tibetan culture to the gathering followed by presentation of culture by student participants from different countries. The participants also sang their feelings through songs, hence creating an atmosphere of international union.

"Through this meeting, we were able to highlight the current situation in Tibet to the participants." said Tenzin dolkar, a Tibetan participant and member of Students for a free Tibet. "Situation in Tibet has never improved since the Occupation. We demand the Chinese government to stop oppressing people of Tibet."

Pune is a city of many communities and diverse culture. Known for its educational facilities with more than hundred educational institutes and nine universities, Pune has attracted international students for different parts of the world.

Students for a free Tibet, Pune chapter remembers this day and wants to acquaint the plight and tragedy of Tibet that is fragmented into the hearts of six million Tibetans to Pune and beyond.

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