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12april201080Dharamshala: The Association of Tibetan Journalists (ATJ) yesterday held a day of discussion and collaboration between Tibetan journalists in exile in Dharamsala, India.

Over 20 Tibetan journalists attended the journalism discussions. Over the course of the discussions, journalists and executive members of the ATJ shared working experiences and opinions freely.

Thupten Sampel, Spokesman of the Tibetan Government-in-exile was invited to lecture on the responsibility and ethics of journalism. "The two most important responsibilities of the Tibetan journalist are to accurately disseminate information provided by Tibetans inside Tibet, who do so at the risk of their lives, and to cover news in exile communities comprehensively," Sampel, who was trained in print journalism in the U.S., said.

Bhuchung Sonam, who has recently completed his studies in Global Journalism, staged a workshop on the essentials of reporting to amateur journalists. He criticised the monotonous coverage of human rights abuses in Tibet, and argued for a more creative and uplifting sampling of coverage, and argued against the current trend of rigid objectivism in Tibetan media.

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