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manaliDharamshala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama yesterday reached Jispa, 133 km from Manali, to continue his teaching tour of Himachal Pradesh, north India.

He was welcomed by over 1,000 local people, including Dr Ram Lal Markandey - former member of the Legislative Assembly - and community leaders, lamas and monks from Drugchoe Kor monastery.

His Holiness thanked the organizers of the teachings and described his journey through picturesque valleys to reach Jispa. He also spoke about inner peace and happiness, saying, "For the comfort of physical body, external material development is necessary. Meanwhile, to be happy at heart and antidote challenges, inner peace is essential.

"It is more important to understand the philosophy of Buddhism than just chanting Buddha Dharma in mouth."

His Holiness conferred the Heruka (Tibetan: Dechok) inition this morning and will give teachings tomorrow, before heading back to Manali to deliver a religious discourse on Gyalsey Thokme Sangpo's 37 Practices of a Boddhisattva on August 22.

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