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26august20102New York: A delegation of Chinese people resident in the USA met with Tibetan officials at the Office of Tibet in New York on August 17.

Coordinated by Mr Tang Yun Jung, president of a US-based Chinese pro-democracy organisation, the meeting provided an opportunity to exchange views and learn more about the Tibet issue.

"Despite their concern for the issue of Tibet, our Chinese friends have no means to learn clearly about the issue in China," said Mr Kunga Tashi, China analyst at the Office of Tibet. Mr Tashi briefed the visitors on the middle-way approach and the activities of the Tibet office in New York.

Mr Tsewang Phuntso, member of the Task Force On Sino-Tibetan negotiations, spoke on the dialogue between China and His Holiness the Dalai Lama's envoys.

The visitors said they support the middle-way approach but expressed diverse views on the demand for autonomy for the whole of Tibet under a single administration. Some of the visitors expressed doubts over the rights Chinese people in Tibet would have under a Tibetan administration, and asked what name would be given to such an administration.

Mr Tashi thanked the Chinese group for their visit and reiterated His Holiness the Dalai Lama's emphasis on the need for frequent meetings and exchanges of views with Chinese friends.

The visitors were presented with Chinese-language publications on Tibet and reports from the Chinese version of the Central Tibetan Administration's website.

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