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4october20101Dharamshala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama commenced four days of Buddhist teachings at the main Tibetan temple in Dharamshala, north India, on Monday (October 4), at the request of devotees from Taiwan.

More than 5,000 followers were in attendance, including over 1,300 Taiwanese, 200 foreigners from 57 countries, 1,500 Buddhist monks and 2,000 lay Tibetans.

The teachings will cover Nagarjuna's Uma Tsawai Sherab (The Fundamental Wisdom Treatise on the Middle Way) Atisha's Jangchup Lamdron (Lama for the Path to Enlightenment), Tsongkhapa's Tendrel Toepa (In Praise of Dependent Origination) and Tsongkhapa's lamrim dudon (Concise Stages for the Path to Enlightenment), and will be translated into Chinese and English.

An increasing number of Taiwanese Buddhists have travelled to Dharamshala in recent years. In 2008, 600 Taiwanese sought teachings and blessings from His Holiness, rising to over 1,000 in October 2009. On October 1, His Holiness led ordination vows in Dharamshala, with 46 Taiwanese, 16 Tibetans and one Korean taking part.

The current teachings run until October 7, with two sessions each day from 09:30-11:30 and 13:00-15:00 Indian Standard Time, and a live webcast at http://dalailama.com/liveweb.

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