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25october2010193Dharamshala: Three Indian peace Activists Saturday (23 October 2010) in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, urged the United Nations to concentrate about the Tibet cause. They demonstrated by painting with their own blood, supporting Tibetan people.

Dr Mahesh Yadav, President of World Tibet Congress along with his associates Ajay Jain and Pooja Rai on the eve of United Nations Day demonstrated, by way of writing the message "Free Tibet" on their faces. They also painted faces with Flags of United Nations, Tibet and China to draw attention of United Nations, World Leaders and Indian people including Media in Bhopal and also conducted an massive public campaign.

Yadav has stated that "if China releases the youngest prisoner His Holiness the Panchen Lama and other Tibetan prisoners and free Tibet, creating it as a place for " Heaven of Peace on earth" like that Holy Vatican City for Buddhists, then I am ready to undergo any punishment let it be life imprisonment or death penalty, as desired by China".

For nearly half of his life, Mahesh Yadav spent his days painting peaceful and non-violence scenes with his own blood, supporting the Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence idea's efforts in support of the Tibetan people. Now retired from medicine, he continues to study life, birth, and nature - through art.

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