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14november20101Hiroshima: This morning His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with the other Nobel Peace Laureates visited the Hiroshima Memorial Park, where the Nobel Laureates and the delegation paid respect and prayer to those who lost their lives during that fateful day of August 1945. Conclusion ceremony of the 11th World Summit of Nobel Laureates was also done before the large gathering of the delegates, medias, general public and the students.

Each Nobel Laureates made final comments on the Summit and their hope and aspiration for the world free of nuclear weapons and wars. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his concluding remarks said that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki legacy will live for long to remind the humanity of the destructive nature of nuclear weapons and wars. He said he was deeply impressed by the forgiving heart of the people of Japan despite the great suffering they endured. "Past is past, now we must look forward to the future. What future we want it is in our hand. We must now work on to have this 7 billion people live together in peace and harmony as a big family.

"The world belongs to the people, and not to the governments. Each one of us here has the potential to make this world better and peaceful. We all must cooperate and come together to build a new world free of threat and injustice. Praying may be good at individual level, but as a community we all must act and contribute to make this world a better place. If the problems are created by gods, praying may help. But the problems around the world are created by us only, so it is logical that we ourselves can solve this problems through dialogues in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding." Said His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Jody Williams, 1997 Nobel Laureate announced the Hiroshima declaration, the result of the 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. The declaration is summarized under six headings as follows:-

- to make the use of nuclear weapons criminal and illegal.

- to urge the United States and Russia to start the process of eradication of nuclear weapons.

- to urge the nine nuclear states to make deep cut in nuclear weapon stock.

- to call on China, US and others who have not signed nuclear non-proliferation treaty to sign the treaty.

- to call upon all governmental and public bodies to make commitment for elimination of nuclear weapons.

Noble Laureates gave press briefing, in which the essence of Hiroshima declaration was explained. Noble Laureates welcomed the news of Ang Sang Suu Kyi's release and hoped to meet her soon. On Liu Xiaobo's case, Noble Laureates regretted the Chinese government's hard line attitude to put him and his wife in detention. They expressed support to Liu Xiaobo's effort to build a free and open China and urged the Chinese leaders to pay heed to the Chinese people's voice.

Some group of Chinese were seen demonstrating against His Holiness the Lama near the Peace Memorial Park His Holiness expressed his desire to meet the demonstrators and talk with them. "We must talk, other wise there will always be misunderstanding. I want to hear them and clarify." But the security personals and other Nobel Laureates discouraged His Holiness going to the crowd. Instead, two Nobel Laureates, Jody Williams and 2003 Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi went to address the demonstrating crowd.

As the two Nobel Laureates with medias went to meet them, the Chinese demonstrators disintegrated and left the venue silently in great rush. The Laureates called on them to listen and talk, except for one Chinese who behaved violently, the crowd left without any response. Shirin Ebadi said, "Chinese demonstrators here, you want to say something to Dalai Lama, please tell me what you want to say. We are all here to talk, we are all here to make this world a better place to live. Just as we want peace and freedom in the world, we also want the same in China. We are not against China and Chinese people. Do think about what you are doing, be a contributive members of international community."

Jody Williams seem surprised to see the demonstrating crowd vanishing away like summer's cloud. "What is this, where are the people who were demonstrating? What is the purpose of demonstration, if they don't want to talk and listen. This is disgusting!" She said.

Even the medias and security people were surprised why the demonstrators just left without meeting the Nobel Laureates. "Perhaps they have nothing to say, its a staged performance." Someone in the crowd said.

Three-days 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Hiroshima concluded successfully today with a hope and message for the world without nuclear weapons.

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