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17jan201108Dharamshala: The Mumbai Marathon welcomed three pro-tibetan activists in its rows for its eight edition last sunday. Gandhian Peace Activist, Dr. Mahesh Yadav, along with Siddharth Bhatia and Bharat Mewade, created awareness among participants while holding pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and Tibet's spiritual and political leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

They also distributed brochures on Tibet among the public and to the Indian and foreign tourists. "52 years have passed since the bloody capture of Tibet by the Killer China and still the World Community is silent over the Tibet issue whereas we shout loudly over the rights of meek animals and birds," explains M. Yadav.

The Mumbai Marathon is known as one of the biggest road running competition in Asia. Thousands of participants, among which dignitaries and celebrities, participate every year to the event with banners supporting various causes.

For M. Yadav, this event was an occasion to pursue a series of actions, as he aslo took thousands of signatures from the general public and dignitaries on a 52 feet long banners in the support of Tibet Freedom in a press conference organized on January 13th.
He is also on a Global Peace March and Signature Campaign for Free Tibet from Sanchi to Lumbini to UN Office, Geneva. This Peace March started on the eve of Human Rights Day, December 09, 2010 from Sanchi and will conclude on March 10th, 2011 with a Satyagrah in front of the UN Office in Geneva. The 52 feet banner will be presented to the United Nations to gain support for the Tibet Cause by all the World Leaders.

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