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10february201101123Jodhpur: Interacting with students on India's precious Nalanda tradition in Jodhpur yesterday, His Holiness the Dalal Lama underlined the importance of "nurturing the concept of dialogue and understanding to resolve problems in today's world".

"The 20th century was a very significant period in the human history as it brought about tremendous progress in science and technology. But, during the same century, around 200 million people were killed in two world wars," His Holiness said.

Describing today's young students as the generation of 21st century, His Holiness said there would always be problems in this world as long as the humanity exists, so we must resolve these through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Speaking on the concept of one world, His Holiness said the humanity has only one world. The moon, described as another good home, exists only in some beautiful poetic abstraction and it cannot sustain us.

His Holiness said the concepts of "we" against "they" and "victory for us and defeat for others" are now outdated.

"Now is the appropriate moment to nurture a concept and sense of "we as one" among all the people living in this single world," he said.

"The birth of European Union has reinforced this concept as the countries get benefit to live as one family rather than standing apart," he added.

"Similarly, it would be in the Tibetan people's economic interest to live with the People's Republic of China," His Holiness said.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama also reiterated his life-long commitments - promotion of human values and religious harmony and resolution of Tibet issue.

His Holiness said inner happiness can be brought only through the promotion of positive human values such as love, compassion, understanding and tolerance.

India's millenia-old tradition of religious harmony and non-violence has immense relevance in today's world, he said.

His Holiness said India and Tibet share a relationship of teacher and student. The Tibetans are reliable students, as in the face of ups and downs faced by Buddhism in India, they have been successfully preserving and promoting the Buddha's teachings originated from the ancient Nalanda tradition.

"I feel satisfied to witness how students undertake Buddhist study in the Tibetan monasteries in southern India. There are over 10,000 monks and 1,000 nuns in India and they are putting shoulder to the wheel in studying the wisdom of Nalanda tradition," His Holiness said on his recent visit to Karnataka.

His Holiness delivered the talk at the request of Aravalli Institute of Management. Maharaj Gaj Singh, the former ruler of Jodhpur, who has invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Rajasthan, also attended the talk.

The day earlier, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was accorded grand welcome on his arrival in Jodhpur. Representatives of the royal family, members of Tibetan Parliament, Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok and members of the Indo-Tibetan Friendship Group and Tibetan shopkeeper's association received His Holiness at the airport. Hundreds of Tibetans waited outside the airport to greet him. His Holiness then proceeded towards the royal residence, where the royal couple received him. in Marwari royal traditions. At the royal residence, he was welcomed as per Marwari royal traditions before entering the palace. He was then received into the palace and was accommodated in a specially set up room, where he will be spending 3 days.

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