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16february2011015Dharamshala: A team of two Australian dentists will arrive in Dharamshala next month to provide vital aid to the Tibetan Children's Village. Dr Jonathan Leonard and his wife Debra, from Tenterfield Dental Surgery, have declared that they will stay in Tibetan settlements for around two weeks, and see 40 patients each day.

After reaching Upper Tibetan Children's Village, the team will visit the outlying communities. "We generally stay in one place for two or three days, treating both children and adults," said Dr Leonard to local media.

Mrs Leonard described the work with the Tibetan Children's Village as "very close to [their] hearts, and personal ethos of giving back". "We benefited from working in the dental practice, so it is good to be able to help", she explained.

The Tibetan community in exile based in Dharamsala has received help from Australian dental programs for many years, especially since the 1986 inauguration of the "Australian-Tibetan Dental Project" by Dr Jamie Robertson.

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