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12march201100880089London: A large group of UK based Tibetans and Tibet supporters descended upon the centre of British politics, on Thursday, to lobby their political representatives as part of Tibetan National Uprising Day.

A coalition of British Tibet support groups (Free Tibet, Students for a free Tibet and Tibet Society) organised the event, which saw a number of members of parliament (MP) pledging their support to the Tibetan cause. MP Fabian Hamilton said to the lobbyists, "thank you for all the work you do and we have to continue this campaign."

This year's lobby is the first since the 2010 General Election and many of the recently elected MPs promised to aid the Tibetan plight. Some MPs including, Mary Macleod and Jeremy Corbyn stated that they would meet with the next Kalon Tripa, following the elections this month. A member of Free Tibet also met with Prime Minister, David Cameron's representative to discuss what the British leader could do for the future of Tibet.

The Tibetans and British nationals flew Tibet flags outside the Houses of Parliament and chanted slogans. The event held on Thursday is part of the UK's commemoration of the 52nd Uprising Day, they will conclude today with a march through London and an afternoon of Tibetan dance, words, music and food to showcase and celebrate Tibet's unique culture.

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