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28march201100020009Dharamshala: - China once again uses its financial power to convince the Nepal government to suppress and arrest Tibetan refugees as they cross over the Tibet-Nepal border to escape persecution. A Chinese army delegation of 18 officers last week, led by General Chen Bindge, visited Nepal. Officially the purpose was to give Nepal military aid as well as weapons worth around US$ 20 million.

According to Asia News, however, the underlying purpose of the visit was to boost cooperation between Beijing and Kathmandu against future anti-Chinese actions by exiled Tibetan communities in the country.

In an interview with Asia News on March 24 Rameshwor Acharya, ex Nepali ambassador to China said that "China's concerns over Nepal are growing" and that "the visit shows that China wants the support of our army to control anti-Chinese activities following the resignation of the Dalai Lama". He further suggested that while H.H. the Dalai Lama is known for his non-violent approach, Beijing is afraid that his successor might take a more confrontative stance.

According to Deutsche Presse Agentur, local media reported Monday that the Chinese delegation had asked Nepal government to put an end to the influx of Tibetans across the border and into the district of Sindhupalchowk, and also indirectly had requested Nepali officials to extradite arrested Tibetans to China. After a meeting in the border town of Khasa, Sindhupalchowk chief district officer Bishnu Kumar Karki said "They urged us not to allow anti-Chinese activities in our soil," and further reiterated that Nepal is committed to implement the agreements between the two countries and following the laws.

On 11 March, police violently stopped a prayer meeting at the Bauddha Buddhist temple in Kathmandu. Dozens of Buddhist monks had gathered to mark the 60th anniversary of Tibet's invasion. On 13 February, police prevented the Tibetan community from holding its own internal elections, by bursting into polling stations and seizing ballots and other electoral material.

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