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9april20091_13098Dharamshala-An agenda of human rights for Beijing to adhere to has been prepared by the Regional Council of Piedmont - Italy. The agenda was requested by the Association Tibet and Human Rights, and unanimously approved by the Regional Council of Piedmont, on the meeting commencing on the 26th of May. The meeting stated that, in aid of Tibetans being persecuted in their homeland, Beijing must stop:

‘The continuous mass deportation of Tibetan nomadic shepherds and farmers to the ‘socialist villages', a forced transfer that deprived 2,000,000 Tibetans of every means of subsistence - assuming a form of a real ethnic cleansing in many areas of the country'.

The meeting in Northern Italy also stated that Chinese authorities must stop the campaign of "patriotic re-education,' launched by the central authorities in [recent] months, in order to force the monks of all the Tibetan monasteries to the abjuration'.

In a statement issued this week, the regional council added:

‘The harsh repression of every form of dissent, culminated in the arbitrary arrest of hundreds of monks of the Kirti monastery and in the massacre of whom tried to prevent their arrest'. China must stop the ‘continuous use of the torture on all the prisoners'.

The regional council of Piedmont called upon the New Tibetan Premier Lobsang Sangay to restrain the attempts of de-legitimation by the Chinese Government, as he was they feel, elected democratically.

In addition, they express their condolences to the family of the young monk - Phuntsok, of Kirti monastery, who immolated himself to protest against the illegal occupation of his country. The meeting called upon the Association for Tibet and Human Rights to organize, as soon as possible, a public manifestation to inform and to awaken the wider public to the current situation in ‘the Country of the Snow' - Tibet.

This is not the first time the council been vocal against Beijing's poor treatment of Tibetans, having previously been scathing of China's human rights record in the run up to the 2008 Olympics.

On an ever more serious note, the congress aim to ask the European Parliamentarians elected in North-West area of Italy, to submit to the European Parliament an urgent resolution asking to the Government of Chinese for the full respect of the subscribed International Conventions, and for the immediate halt of every kind of repression of the Tibetan People.

In a rallying call they are asking the Italian Government to suggest to ‘The Council for Human Rights' of the U.N.O, to start an investigation on the repeated and methodical violations of human rights by the Government of the Chinese Republic.

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