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Dharamshala- On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre, the pro-Tibet group ‘United Nations for a Free Tibet' call upon the global community to take to the streets and highlight the suppression and violent crackdowns faced in Tibet. The Tienanmen square massacre, which occurred on June 4th 1989, symbolises the enormous brutality the Chinese regime can perform on their own people, and to those who question them. The peaceful pro-democracy movement, demonstrated by students, was destroyed by a heavy handed Chinese military force.

The statement, released by the UNFFT, comes during a period of much unrest in the Tibet region. The huge military crackdown at Kirti Monastery in Ngaba continues and the Chinese armed forces in the region remain on high alert. The media continue to be banned from the area.

In addition, the rumor of the ‘jasmine revolution' uprising has continued to grow, sending fear through Chinese officials.

The UNNFT stated today:

"During this 22nd anniversary of June 4th, Tibetans in exile, Chinese and Vietnamese Community in solidarity, call on supporters around the world taking to the streets to highlight the broader crackdown in China, as well as the situation in Ngaba, [which has] worsened through April till now"

"Tibetans, Vietnamese and supporters stand in solidarity with Chinese students, labor organizers, and pro-democracy advocates as their struggle for a democratic and Transparent China was violently crushed by the tanks in Tienanmen Square," highlighted Brigitte Graefin von Bulow, Chair of United Nations for a Free Tibet."

"We urge the Chinese government to review the events of June 4, 1989, and to have the courage and far-sightedness to embrace more truly egalitarian principles and pursue a policy of greater accommodation and tolerance of diverse views."

The UNFFT have a concise statement for Beijing, and the International community to hear. They wish to:

- Convey to China's leaders the message that all security forces must withdraw from Ngaba.

- Insist that International governments send embassy representatives to express concern to relevant Chinese Ministries.

- Push for international observers and media to be given unfettered access to the region.

"The true meaning of June 4th should not be just limited to the annual commemoration, but a wake-up call on awareness raising of the democracy and freedom in China day and night. We need to leave no stone unturned on our mission of seeing the realisation of a truly democratic China."

In solidarity with those being oppressed in the region, solidarity protests will be held in Britain, Germany, and the United States, on the Tienanmen anniversary, June 4th tomorrow.

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