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17august2011australiaMelbourne: A group of 26 Tibetans and Australians have banded together to represent Tibet on Sunday morning (August 14th) in Sydney, Australia at the city's annual 'City2Surf' marathon.

The 14 kilometre City2Surf attracted 85,000 people this year, and the 'I WALK FOR TIBET' team's conspicuous banners, portraits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and matching black t-shirts were noticed by a great many people near the finish line.

Brisbane-based Tibetan musician and City2Surf participant Tenzin Choegyal has said the team consisted of Tibet supporters from around the country, including two from England. He also proudly stated that many people had wanted to chat to him along the way and ask questions about what the team was representing.

Altogether the group managed to raise over $3,000 to support campaign efforts of the Australia Tibet Council (ATC) and fund Australia's first Tibetan Film and Arts Festival to be held later this year.

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