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27september2011EUBrussels: - Ms Kristina Ojuland, an Estonian MEP from the third largest political groups in the European Parliament, ALDE, raised the self-immolation of two teen aged Buddhist monks from Kirti monastery in northeastern Amdo province of Tibet during her speaking time on one minute speeches on matters of political importance in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Monday, 26th September.

MEP Ojuland highlighted the fact that this self-immolation comes as the fourth incidence in this year alone to protest the repressive policies of the People's Republic of China in the region.

"Such radical form of protest illustrates the despair of the Tibetans, who are seeking freedom of religion as well as meaningful autonomy in the historic area of Tibet. Continuous desperate acts of protest also demonstrate that the Tibetans determinedly resist the ongoing violations of human rights and the cultural genocide that is being carried out in Tibet," she said.

Therefore, the European Union and its Member States should lend their support address the situation of human rights in Tibet more rigorously with the PRC", said MEP Ojuland.

MEP Ojuland also raised concern over repatriation of Tibetan refugees by the government of Nepal.

A 19 year old monk named Lobsang Phuntsog set himself ablaze in Kirti monastery on 16th March this year in the aftermath of which the monastery was placed under heavy security surveillance, thus disrupting the daily religious practices and restricting the movement of the monks and the lay people in the region.

Just a couple of months after the tragic death of Lobsang Phuntsog, another 29 year old monk named Tsewang Norbu from Nyatso monastery in Kardze in Kham eastern Tibet died on 15th August after setting himself on fire.

All the four monks are reported to have called for religious freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet before setting themselves on fire.

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