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Tokyo: Tibetan Community in Japan held a special prayer service at Joenji Buddhist Temple for the monks who committed self-immolation to raise voice against the Chinese repressive rule, and to call for freedom and justice in Tibet. The prayer service is in tandem with the major prayer gathering being held in India, and throughout the world on the day to pay homage and respect to those brave souls who gave their lives for the country.

Mr. Lhakpa Tshoko, Representative of Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East Asia, briefed the gathering on critical situation unfolding in Tibet, and the repressive measures adopted by the Chinese authorities, which has led to the desperate attempts by the monks and a nun to get their voice heard by international community. He described the situation in Tibet akin to martial law state, wherein people live under constant fear of being arrested and tortured.

Rev. Kobayashi of Federation Buddhist monks for Tibet, lamented the Japanese media's regrettable attitude in not highlighting the gross human rights violation taking place in Tibet. He said that Japanese media as well as the public should express their support for Tibetans' struggle for freedom and justice. He announced that the Federation is going to held a press conference at Tokyo Foreign Correspondent club next week to brief the media about what really is happening in Tibet.

Despite being a regular working day, Japanese and Tibetans filled the Buddhist prayer hall. Heart sutra prayer was recited both in Tibetan and Japanese languages. Dolma, guru prayer and dentsig monlam were also recited. Members of Students for free Tibet Japan chapter organized signature campaign to call for global diplomatic intervention in resolving Tibet issue.

At the end of the prayer gathering, Mr. Lobsang Yeshe, President of Tibetan community in Japan thanked the participants and requested for their continued support for freedom and justice in Tibet.

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