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19-october-2011-taiwan-movement-3Taipei, Taiwan: - Tibetans and Taiwanese supporters gathered to offer prayers and observed a 12-hour fast in Liberty Square in Taipei City on 19 October to mourn and remember the young Tibetans, who have protested Chinese government's repressive police in Tibet through self-immolation. The Tibetan community in Taiwan organised the event with support from Tibet support groups of Taiwan.

The prayer service began from 9am with the recitation of scriptures led by 25 Tibetans monks sitting in front of placards, bearing the names and pictures of those who sacrificed themselves for freedom in Tibet. Tibetans and Taiwanese alike joined internationally co-ordinated action for "International Solidarity Day on Supporting Tibet".

Another event of the day was shaving of heads by 8 Tibetans, one Taiwanese and one Thai national to mourn the death and unknown conditions of young Tibetans who have chosen to sacrifice their lives for freedom and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his people and homeland.

The former deputy secretary-general of the President's Office, Ms Yen Chu-lan, attended the event and expressed her admiration for those who had sacrificed their lives for freedom and human rights in Tibet. She said: "I known how hard it must be for their families and friends, since my husband, Deng Nan-jung also fought for the freedom of speech in Taiwan through self-immolation in 1989. Everyone who cares about human rights should show our support and concern for the nine Tibetan Tibetans, as well as for their families and friends."

The other speakers include Lin, Jia-Fan, chairperson of Taiwan Association for Human Rights; Mr Chou, Mei-Li, chairperson of Taiwan Friends of Tibet; Ms Chien Yu-Yan, Taipei city councilor; Prof. Chen Ta and Prof. Sun Che-Pan are both members of Chinese Tibetan Association of Taiwan.

Mr Dawa Tsering, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Taiwan, told the gathering that people have chosen to sacrifice their lives to call for freedom and justice in Tibet, and for us who are alive, it is our inevitable responsibility to carry on their hopes and aspirations.

He has also urged Buddhists in Taiwan to lend their helping hands to fellow Buddhists who are suffering to maintain their identity and faith in Tibet.

Mr Dachompa, president of Tibetan Association, thanked the participants for their support.

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