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6th-november-2011-jpnSendai, Japan: Interacting with the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama during the latter's public talk in earthquake-hit Sendai on overcoming unfavourable situation, a Japanese university professor Saturday (5th November) voiced strong support for Tibet, saying "we have to stand up for free Tibet".

The professor from the earthquake and tsunami affected Miyako prefecture asked His Holiness what the latter could do to stop the Chinese government's repression in Tibet.

His Holiness said: "I look to Tibet from various aspects. The first is from the immense human rights violations in Tibet. For the last more than 50 - 60 years, there has been serious danger to Tibetan culture, language, religion and environment. More than 99 per cent of Tibetans, including senior party members, have lots of resentment deep inside their heart."

"The Tibetan culture is a culture of peace, compassion and non-violence. So it is worthwhile to preserve this culture," he said.

He further said, "Buddhism is the most profound tradition of ancient Indian Nalanda tradition which we have kept alive. It is one of the treasures of the world. Many top scientists are showing genuine interest in Buddhist science."

"Major rivers in Asia originates from the Tibetan plateau. Some ecologists, including Chinese, described Tibet as the third pole, which is of equal importance like the north and south poles," he said.

"Therefore, Tibetans born in Tibet are in a better position to preserve their culture, language and ecology. The Tibetan people should have the full authority and final say in the preservation of their unique cultural heritage and ecology," he said.

He reaffirmed that the Tibetan side is trying to achieve meaningful autonomy under the framework of the Chinese constitution.

"We appreciate your genuine concern on the issue of Tibet. Japan as a democratic country should have more concern for the Tibetan cause," His Holiness told the Japanese professor.

His Holiness further said, "My whole life was spent in observing events in China since my childhood. Today's China has much changed as compared to 40-50 years before. Prime minister Wen Jiabao has publicly stated that China needs more political reform and western style democracy."

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