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14thNovember2011-envoysDharamshala: - Lodi G Gyari, the spiritual leader of Tibe, His Holiness the Dalai Lama's special envoy in Washington DC, Friday, 11th November 2011 issued a statement concerning changes to his role.

Formerly a civil servant under the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Lodi Gyari became special envoy in 1991.

Now that His Holiness has stepped down as political leader of the exile government, Lodi Gyari has decided to cease any involvement with issues relating to the CTA - at both the higher hevel, such as of presenting issues to the US or other governments, and the lower level, such as issuing letters of introduction.

All such matters will now be handled by the Office of Tibet in New York.

Lodi Gyari said, "This, however, does not imply that I do not have any desire to assist in the work of the new administration or that the new Kashag (cabinet) does not have any confidence in me.

" It is merely a reflection of the process of clarifying the structure under the new system in place now."
Lodi Gyari added that he will continue to be involved in the Tibet-China dialogue process, including leading efforts to arrange talks with the Chinese leadership.

"The present tragic situation in Tibet and the repressive policies of the Chinese authorities make one wonder if it is even worth making any efforts for the dialogue," he said, but concluded that, "On the other hand the prevailing situation confronts every sensible person that the only way is through dialogue."

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