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02-december-2011-UK-3London: Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay concluded his tour of Europe in London today, to unprecedented success. During his first visit as the newly elected leader of the Tibetan people, Dr Sangay finished his trip in London, inspiring optimism among the exile community, and proving his credentials as a new bridge between East and West.

During his tour, he met with European Parliament delegations, expressing gratitude to the European parliament for their support of Tibet's non-violent struggle. The 11 day tour also consisted of a series of successful interviews with international news channels and the media, as well as dignitaries and members of Parliament.

The Kalon Tripa stressed the need to address the human rights issues in Tibet, particularly in light of the wave of self-immolations that have fanned across the region. He urged the EU to remember rights in China, and emphasised Chinas global economic position was no excuse.

The Tibetan diaspora were also an enormous priority for the visiting leader. In a heartfelt speech to the community in Britain on December 1st, Dr Sangay discussed to an audience in Westminster Hall the progress, goals and achievements of the Government.

The Kalon Tripa highlighted that, though Tibetans may face many problems, they must never lose courage. He stressed that to get success, ‘we must work hard', then you can have no regrets. He emphasised that ‘we have to believe'.

He discussed issues such as his three point education agenda, and optimistically about the direction of his agenda.

Dr Sangay concluded the evening by answering questions and issues from the audience. Most were struck by how eloquent and positively he answered, and the atmosphere upon leaving Westminster Hall was delight.

The Kalon Tripa began his visit to Europe in Switzerland, on November 21 and concluded in Britain on December 2nd. The tour also included France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

Lobsang Sangay has certainly proved his worth as a dynamic, inspirational leader of the Tibetan people. In his measured approach towards the Tibetan cause, the Harvard scholar has taken the first steps in personally putting the Tibet issue back on the table in a genuine manner in Europe, and his first term in office has begun with great acclaim.

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