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6 june 2012 004Dharsamshala: Following the brutal security measures in Lhasa, a Canadian Parliamentarian, Peggy Nash has brought up the current tense situiation of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet in the Canadian parliament. On June 1st, Peggy Nash highlighted the issue of the three self immolations that took place in May and the brutal security crackdown which followed.

She said, "Over the past two days, an estimated 600 Tibetans have been detained in Lhasa after two more young Tibetans joined those who have self-immolated in protest of religious and cultural oppression by the Chinese authorities. This Wednesday, a mother of three self-immolated in protest."

After the self immolations, the Chinese people have arrested many natives of Ngaba County. The mobile phones and cameras of all the people in the vicinity were checked to make sure that there has been no documentation of the event. Internet Cafés are being monitored and hundreds of people are being detained.

Nash then said, "After years of repression, Tibetans have reached a breaking point. Young monks and nuns are acting out of sheer frustration. Canada must act to end the suffering and work to improve the lives of the Tibetan people."

Nash is the New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Parkdale in Toronto, and was the Official Opposition's Finance Critic, in Canada's 41st parliament.
In an interview with Georgia Straight in 2011, Nash said she was optimistic there could be a solution found to the impasse surrounding China's continued occupation of Tibet, which has been going on officially since 1959, though it started in 1951 with initial Chinese incursions into eastern Tibet.

On June 1st, she echoed this sentiment in light of the recent self immolation, "During his visit to China, the Prime Minister promised a good and frank dialogue on fundamental principles. The Government of Canada must now reach out to the Chinese government and urge a peaceful and quick resolution to the current situation. We can and must save innocent lives."

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