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28 june 2012 004Dharamshala: Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay, the elected political leader of Tibet met with members of the Australian parliament including the current and former speakers in the Australian capital of Canberra. This has been great help to the Tibet cause as the Australian Parliament has sent a strong message by meeting the Kalon Tripa in numbers.

Mr Michael Danby MP, Chairman of the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet gave Dr Sangay a warm welcome. Thirty members from both the houses of parliament came to meet the Kalon Tripa.

Among the noteworthy members was Speaker of the House Mr Peter Slipper MP, former Speaker of the House Mr Harry Jenkins, Opposition whip and senior Liberal Party member Mr Warren Entsch, Greens spokesperson on Tibet Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Mr Ken Wyatt MP, the first Aboriginal MP and the co-chair of the Parliament Tibet Group.

The Kalon Tripa has an hour long meeting about the current political climate with China and Tibet as well as Chinese leadership. The response from the parliamentary group was very positive. They showed a keen interest in the Tibet issue and pressed the Tibetan political leader to give them more insight into the issue.

He proceeded to address the members of the Federal Press Gallery along with Michael Danby and Ken Wyatt.

In a speech in the House of Representatives, Danby said, "As democrats we should tell the truth, even if it is often not what some of our trading partners would like to hear. The truth is the Tibetan people have suffered enough under 60 years of Chinese oppression. Self-immolation is an act of desperation. It shows the Tibetan people are at the end of their rope. In my view, it is an act that has hardened their resolve for their ultimate autonomy and cultural freedom."

Kalon Tripa then took part in a roundtable discussion with Chinese scholars at the Australian National University. He then ended his day by meeting members of the Tibetan community.

He has been able to meet nearly 45 members of parliament during his visit to Canberra.

Lobsang Sangay has been the head of the Central Tibetan Administration since August 2011. He is making a series of visits to foreign countries to bring visibility to the Tibet issue and also support.