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Dr-Lbsang-Sangay-mysore-students-2012Dharamshala: - Tibetan youths must make sustained efforts and fight unitedly to liberate Tibet from China's control said Dr. Lobsang Sangay, political head of the Central Tibetan Administraiton." Otherwise we will be wiped out from the world map" he added.

Dr. Lobsang Sangay was on his visit to Tibetan settlements in the Karnataka state, South India. Speaking to reporters on involvement of Tibetan youth in country's freedom movement he said the movement is growing strong thorough social networking and blog campaigning, according to a report published by Times of India. Worldwide network has been established to unite all youth and there is positive response from the people, he disclosed and said only good education will ensure proper growth and existence of Tibet.

Earlier ,participating in an interaction programme with Tibetan students of the city organized by Regional Tibet Youth Congress and Rotary Vijayanagar Mysore, he said 44 Tibetans have committed self immolation for the country. He said freedom of speech is curtailed in Tibet and Tibetans world over and freedom expression is the only way to show Tibetans anger against the aggression and occupation of Tibet by China.

Tibet and Tibetans strongly believe in Gandhi's non violence mantra which succeeded quietly in India in freeing it from colonial government, he said. Issue of Tibet is strongly linked to India .China is trying to attack countries which are friendly towards Tibet through air, water and land he alleged.

He pointed out that China is trying to fight war in future through 'white gold'( Water). It is building more than 20 dams across rivers that are born in Tibet to meet it's daily water needs as country is facing 40 percent water shortage. China wants to plunder Tibet's water resources , he said.

"My recent visit to Washington, DC, was very successful as I attached great importance to it from the political perspective, Dr. Sangay said during a large gathering of Tibetans at Gyumed Monastery in Hunsur Taluk, near Mysore.

The democratically elected political leader of Tibet said there is clear indication from the US and European countries of their same support and concern for the issue of Tibet as ever before. "More importantly, I was able to meet prominent officials of the US foreign affairs. I had similar visits to different countries in Europe," he added."

"We were very anxious when His Holiness the Dalai Lama devolved his political authority to the elected leadership," Kalon Tripa said, adding "but the new administration has restored the calm." "Therefore, collective support and effort from the general public support is of paramount importance," he added.

He explained to general public about the Kashag's three guiding principles of unity, innovation and self-reliance, according to the Tibetan administration here in Dharamshala. He also apprised them about recent visit to Ladakh and the situation of Tibetans living there.

Dr Lobsang Sangay will complete his first historic year in office on August 8, 2012. He is first the directly-elected 'political leader' of Tibet (Tibetan: Bod-Kyi-Sikyong), following His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's full devolution of political power to a democratically-elected leadership.

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