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20 august 2012 001Dharamshala: On Wednesday (15th August, 2012) in New York City, Tibetans supporters from halfway across the world carried out a mock funeral procession in commemorating the tragic loss of the Tibetan self-immolators, as well as requesting for international intervention to end China's iron grip on Tibet.

With the onset of yet another recent series of self-immolations, Tibetans and their supporters walked in solidarity from Times Square to the Chinese Consulate in New York City, all while holding pro-Tibet's freedom signs stating phrases such as "China: end the occupation."

The Wednesday procession marked the one year since the self-immolation of Tibetan monk, named Tsewang Norbu, and commemorated the 49 other Tibetans who have sacrificed themselves fighting for the freedom of Tibet and the return of His Holiness.

Including the two latest incidents of self-immolations in the Ngaba region of Eastern Tibet, more than 50 Tibetans have ignited themselves on fire in protest against Chinese authority since February of 2009. Just counting the last two weeks, roughly five Tibetans self-sacrificed in declaring their objection to Chinese oppression in Tibet.

Organizer of the mock funeral procession, Tenzin Dorjeee, Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet, denounced China's control over the Tibetan plateau and insisted on the consent of foreign media unrestraint access to all Tibetan regions. "It is China's policies that have created this crisis in Tibet, and we call on World Governments to stand together, to hold Beijing accountable for its atrocities in Tibet and to press for a multilateral forum to resolve the Tibet crisis," stated Dorjee.

"Despite its military clampdown in Tibet, China has been unable to stem the tide of self-immolation protests that has resulted in a rising number of mass demonstrations...the Tibetan spirit of resistance remains unshakeable," said Kate Woznow, Deputy Director of SFT.

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