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HH-Ram-Katha-2012-Sept-22Dharamshala: The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, addressed an eager audience on the opening day of Morari Bapu's 9-day Ram Katha, at Police Ground of Dharamshala, India.

The Ram Katha (the story of Hindu Lord Ram) commenced on Saturday, September 22nd. The stories are renowned for their religious approachability and message of compassion.

Speaking to the audience, and warmly welcoming Ram Katha to His community in exile, His Holiness the Dalai Lama re-iterated the message that:

"The ultimate source of happiness is within ourselves", adding:

"I am always telling different parts of the world, that India is a living example of where different religious traditions can live together".

"Our common aim is promoting compassion, non-violence tolerance, honesty. Through that way, different people of different religious faith can live together; that I think is India's treasure".

"Usually I describe myself as a messenger of India. Wherever I go I always talk about non-violence, about religious harmony. So...when religious spiritual leaders are together, I often appeal, or request, that I am advocating the message of India: for religious harmony".

His Holiness encouraged the audience to practice, and to develop inner peace. He stated that by drawing upon truthfulness, honesty, a sense of family and community, India can make significant contributions for the 7 billion human beings on this planet.

"We should learn how to develop inner peace. [The] ultimate source of happiness is within us", the revered spiritual leader added.

Morari Bapu, the renowned Indian religious teacher and advocate of the Ram Charit Manas, who has travelled widely and promoted a message of inter-faith harmony, shall continue his Ram Katha for nine days.

The Nobel Peace laureate said to Morari Bapu, “I am happy that you didn’t confine yourself to the temples and came out to teach people the lesson of truth and honesty."

"It is now the time that the religious leaders of India should guide the countrymen to keep them away from corruption and injustice. Though the money is important for life, but without peace it too can’t help," His Holiness told the crowd gathering.

For the audience gathered in Dharamshala on Saturday, the guest visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama was surely a perfect way to begin the teachings, and an inspiring example of religious harmony being practiced itself.

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