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sft-canada-2012Toronto: - September 25, 2012, members of Students for a Free Tibet Canada protested inside the Hilton Hotel during a meeting between Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and China's Minister of Commerce Chen Deming. Youdon Tsamotshang and Tenzin Tsundue went inside the hotel but were stopped at the entrance to the meeting room.

When they were denied entry, they pulled out Tibetan flags and started shouting slogans. "Talk Tibet before trade," "Human Rights before Trade," they shouted as they were escorted out of the hotel by the police. In a video posted on YouTube, they can be heard shouting, "51 self-immolations and the world has done nothing."

"I was very emotionally affected when I started protesting, and it was hard to stop the tears. At a time when the China's atrocity against Tibetans is at its height, our Premier is talking about increasing trade ties with the Chinese Minister of Commerce," said Youdon Tsamotshang.

Urgyen Badheytsang, who was protesting outside the hotel, added that it was high time for the Canadian government to consider a strong stance vis-a-vis China.

"Nexen, a Canadian oil company, has a $15.1 billion deal looming with a Chinese state-owned company, and it's happening in the midst of one of the biggest upsurge of Tibetan protests against Chinese occupation.

The Chinese company has been involved in facilitating mass displacements of Tibetan nomads. If this deal goes ahead, Canada will be associated with an ongoing case of ethnocide in Tibet."

Students for a Free Tibet is an international grassroots network that works to advance the movement for Tibetans' fundamental right to freedom and human rights.

The organization is at the forefront of Tibet's non-violent movement and is known for its creative, strategic and dynamic campaigns and its commitment to training young people and students in the art of leadership and non-violent action.

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