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Dharamshala: - The Tibetan political leader Dr. Lobsang Sangay will be one of the participants at the 16th Forum 2000 Conference in October, which, in accordance with the wishes of the late Václav Havel, will look at the relationship between democracy and the media.

"The middle way policy remains the policy of the Tibet administration, which seeks genuine autonomy within China and within the framework of the Chinese constitution," Lobsang Sangay said while discussing the Chinese occupation of Tibet at a media conference in Melbourne in June.

"In that sense it is a win-win proposition for the Chinese government to enter into dialogue and resolve the issue of Tibet peacefully." At the same time, he reminded people that the situation in Tibet is so bad that many Tibetans prefer death by self-immolation.

"The issue of human rights, support for democracy, and criticism of totalitarian regimes have comprised an integral part of all Forum 2000 conferences since the very beginning," says the Forum 2000 Foundation's Executive Director Jakub Klepal. "Moreover, this year, are preparing discussions dedicated to the legacy of Václav Havel with respect to democracy and human rights. With his well known interest in the fate of Tibet, I am convinced that Václav Havel would welcome

Lobsang Sangay's participation in this year's conference. I also believe that the policy of supporting democracy and respect for human rights everywhere in the world will continue to be one of the key points of Czech foreign policy and that it won't fall victim to domestic political wrangles."

The 16th annual Forum 2000 Conference will be held in Prague from 21-23 October. To date, more than 110 important global figures have confirmed that they will be attending the conference. In recent days, the former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu has added his name to the list of participants.

There will also be no shortage of Czech attendees, including, for example, the former prime minister and current presidential candidate Jan Fischer, the Chairman of the Green Party Ond?ej Liška, the writer Ji?í Stránský, the CEO of Czech Television Petr Dvo?ák, and the Czech Ambassador to the United Kingdom Michael Žantovský.

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