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20November2012-004Dharamshala: Addressing a delegation of over 700 Mongolian Buddhists, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet inspired and educated an eager audience in the Main Temple of His residence in Dharamshala: India. Beneath cloudless skies on November 20th with the Mongolian guests adorned in colorful traditional silk garments (deel), along with over 4000 disciples from around the world, His Holiness educated the audience on the Third Dalai Lama's 'Essence of Refined Gold (Lamrin Sershunma)'.

Having warmly addressed the crowd, as well as greeting His 'Dharma brothers and sisters' watching from Mongolia on the live webcast as well as globally, His Holiness commenced by preparing the audience; before teaching the 16thcentury sacred text. Highlighting the need to have motivation when practicing and cultivating Buddhism, the revered spiritual leader gave insight into Buddhism and the commonalities of major religions as a whole; drawing upon the principles of love, compassion and tolerance as common aspirations.

 His Holiness also highlighted the 'special connection' with the Third Dalai Lama, who was given the Mongolian name Talé Lama” meaning “Ocean of Wisdom” — now Anglicized as “Dalai Lama”  and lived between 1543-1588. Praising the Mongolian guests, and describing the close ties between Tibetan Buddhism and Mongolia's history, He stated:

 'It's very pleasing that you are taking interest in your own national identity; and with Buddhism itself' .

 His Holiness also reiterated the need for individuals to use their intelligence; not simply faith, when understanding the teachings. He urged disciples to be impartial and intelligent when receiving His teachings. Through training the mind, meditation in both an analytic and focused manner, and observing emptiness, His Holiness inspired and cultivated a rich foundation for the audience to draw upon.

 Spanning both the morning and afternoon session, the Tibetan spiritual leader attentively taught and explained the Third Dalai Lama's 'Essence of Refined Gold (Lamrin Sershunma)', after preparing the audience and giving a brief history of Tibetan Buddhism and its Mongolian ties.

 Having been treated to the generosity of Tibetan hospitality with servings of delicious butter tea, and having concluded the inspiring teachings with prayers, the Mongolian guests can certainly draw fondly upon the first of two days of teachings in the scenic foothills of the Himalayas, with one of the most highly esteemed spiritual leaders of our time.

 The second day of teachings, which will consist largely of initiation ceremonies revolving around the text, will continue on 21st November in the Main Temple, Dharamshala: India at 9.30 am IST. A live webcast is available in English, Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Russian, at: www.dalailama.com/liveweb

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