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14 December 2012 004Dharamshala: Mr. Leonidas Donskis, MEP from Lithuania, called on the European Union to appoint a Special EU Representative on Tibet to reassert its strategy to support human rights and democracy. He made this appeal during the EU annual report on human rights and democracy in the world.

“I believe that each annual human rights report should set ambitious, yet achievable goals, which the Parliament should push for. This year I want to focus on Tibet – a country which merely seeks to preserve its religious, cultural and historical identity, yet suffers from systemic human rights violations by China.  Given the dramatic situation there, the European Union should set up an office of a Special EU Representative on Tibet to monitor the situation more closely,” he said.

Highlighting that the annual report calls on the EU to ensure high, uncompromised human rights standards in its relations with other countries, Mr. Donskis made a point of emphasizing that these standards are especially important, “with big partners such as Russia and China, where human rights are often trivialized and marginalized in the context of economic and other considerations.”


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