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2 January 2013 004Dharamshala: The Dalai Lama has expressed concerns over degenerating human values in India following the death of a 23-year-old medical student who was gang-raped in Delhi.

Speaking on India's NDTV news channel, on December 30, the Tibetan spiritual leader said the key to improving human values in the country in which he has spent the last 53 years, is "Modernisation including education."

"You should pay attention to thousands of years of tradition, which is neglected," he said.

Alluding to the development boom India has witnessed over the past two decades, he added: "You have buildings, material facilities, but in the meantime (there are) incidents like this, corruption, and unjust activities.

"People must think more seriously about how to keep their thousand year old tradition."

The attack on the female student on a Delhi bus on December 16 sparked outrage in India and across the world.

Angry protestors converged on the streets of the Indian capital expressing anger over attitudes to women in India and calling for changes to the laws on violence against women, whilst many Indians including president of the governing Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, cancelled New Years Eve celebrations to mourn her death.

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